Promet Cargo “started” in November 2007, when two experienced and enthusiastic young people decided to start working on their own account.

After several years of operation on the transport market, we can confidently say that we have no equal in terms of “spatial” loads.

Since the beginning of the company’s existence, we knew that we do not want to be “like the others”, that we want to stand out in what we do. Quality, professionalism, as well as an offer addressed to the customer.

They are one of the nicest moments in the “life” of the company. The crowning achievement of efforts, a reward for the highest quality and enormous amount of work performed every day. They are a manifestation of continuous development and customer satisfaction.



Welcome to the world of transport, to the world of roads that are not always straightforward, to a world where punctuality and accuracy are extremely important. Finally, in a world where trust plays a huge role. Welcome to our company.

Promet Cargo has been operating continuously since 2007. It is a period that allows us to define ourselves as an experienced entity in the transport and forwarding market. This is the time of a million kilometers travelled, both on domestic and international routes. It also includes hundreds of INTRASTAT settlements, which are also our long-term specialty. These are the years of cooperation with customers not only in Poland, but also in many European countries. It’s every single day of hard work. All this is intertwined with prizes, awards, and pro-social activities. We have always known that a company is not only about business, but also about social responsibility.

By working with us, you turn on the green light. To carry out the transport of what is important to you, to feel that as customers, but above all as people, you are the most important to us. And we assure you – it’s worth turning on.

Promet Cargo – welcome!

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experienced drivers, a strong and numerous department of forwarders, dispatchers, warehousemen, and the billing department.

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of activities in the transport market. We have no equal in terms of “spatial” loads.

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We have our own warehouse in Słubice and a constantly expanding fleet of cars.

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From the very beginning, we know and emphasize that the company is not only work. It is also a group of people with various interests and passions.

There are more years of Promet Cargo history ahead of us to create them.
We invite you to cooperation!
There are more years of Promet Cargo history ahead of us to create them.
We invite you to cooperation!
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