Board President


Magdalena Ciszek Kozłowska - President of Management - Promet Cargo Sp. z o.o.

Co-founder and CEO of Promet Cargo, which she has been managing continuously since November 2007. Experienced manager and freight forwarder, woman – leader. A graduate of the University of Szczecin. She has been associated with the transport industry from the beginning of her professional career. It focuses on well-thought-out activities, leaving room for openness and non-standard solutions. He attaches great importance to the continuous development and improvement of the services offered by the company. It is based on the assumption that work is primarily people, and that activities should go beyond the four walls of the office building. Hence the involvement of Promet Cargo in sport as well as initiating and supporting local social initiatives (including Promet Cargo Cross Duathlon). Privately, she is passionate about travel and sport, and above all, a mother of 14-year-old Michał and 12-year-old Maja.

Today, the company she runs is a laureate of numerous awards and one of the leaders in the local TSL market. The six-time award of the Business Gazelle title and the four-time distinction with the Forbes Diamond award are the best evidence that the company under its leadership is heading in the best possible direction.

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